Dormont Fire Department



Are you a paid or a volunteer department?

We are a combination department. In addition to our volunteer staff we currently have 4 career members that each function as a Deputy Chief.

Do you respond to calls in the City of Pittsburgh?


Do you provide EMS services?

No. EMS services are provided by Medical Rescue Team South Authority. Our members do maintain CPR and basic first aid training annually.

Do you respond to calls outside of Dormont?

Yes. We currently have a mutual aid agreement with Mt. Lebanon , Castle Shannon, Mt. Oliver, Scott Twp. (Glendale, East Carnegie, Bower Hill), Green Tree, and Crafton.

Do other departments respond to calls in Dormont?

Yes. There are multiple departments that would respond to dormant for a fire, depending on the severity of the fire.

Is your fire station staffed 24/7?

Yes. One of the career staff is always one duty. They also assist at the police department located directly across the street at the Dormont Borough Building.

Is your fire station staffed by volunteer members 24/7?

No. All volunteer members are provided with pagers and are on call as needed. We do conduct meetings, training, work details and staff during severe weather situations.

When do you have the car raffle? How can I get tickets?

Our yearly raffle is held from early April through the 4th of July. Tickets can be purchased at our raffle stand daily during the season at the Dormont Village parking lot at the corner of West Liberty Ave and Wisconsin Ave. You can also contact the fire station at 412-563-8826 if you are interested in purchasing or selling tickets.

What kind of calls do you respond to?

We respond to fires, fire alarm activations, vehicle accidents, carbon monoxide calls, odor investigations, gas leaks, welfare assists, resident lock-outs, downed power lines, just to name a few.

I’m not sure if I should call 911! How do I know if I really have an emergency?

Please call, we would rather you be safe than sorry!

Have you ever rescued a cat from a tree?

Yes, we have had a few feline friends that needed our assistance. Many of our members are pet owners themselves and gladly help when needed.

I want to be a member, what do I need to do? What are the requirements?

Please contact us at 412-563-8826. A member of our staff will be in contact with you with general requirements but all applicants must be of 18 years of age, in good health and able to pass a physical agility test. In addition we also require a medical physical and background check.

Do you do station tours for groups? Do you do school visits?

Yes, please contact us at 412-563-8826. We visit Dormont Elementary every year in October to meet with students for Fire Prevention month.

Do you do provide smoke alarms to residents?


Do you have a junior fire fighter program?

Yes.  Please contact the station for more details.

Do you have a citizen’s fire academy?

Yes.  Dormont, Castle Shannon, and Mt. Lebanon hold an annual joint citizens fire academy usually from September through early November.