Dormont Fire Department

Outdoor Fire Rules

Dormont follows the Allegheny County Health Dept’s “Open Burning” policy.¬†¬†Included is a link to their FAQ sheet (, but here are some important points:

1. Fires can be no larger the 3ft in diameter and 2ft high.

2. The fire pit must sit off the ground.

3. The fire must be at least 15ft from nearest neighbor’s property line and or dwelling, or any public road or sidewalk.



On top of those rules, a few common sense guidelines should also be in place. Have a hose ready to douse any fire that may get out of hand. Also, make sure the fire pit is not on a wooden porch, under a roof, ceiling, or tree. If there happens to be a windy day or the ground/grass is extraordinarily dry, maybe a backyard fire is not a good idea.