Dormont Fire Department

Special Needs Citizens

The Dormont Volunteer Fire Department strives to be the best fire department that it can be through various programs and training.  Our goal is to provide our residents with the highest standard of public safety through training and educating the residents of our borough.  One very important part of our department is YOU, the residents that we serve on a daily basis.  Part of our Community Outreach Program is helping families and residents that are special needs individuals or have special needs individuals in their household.

The fire department also likes to keep record of households with special needs individuals in them so that if the fire department is needed at your residence we are able to identify that a special needs individual may still be inside the structure and may take what ever steps/precautions neccesary to evacuate or rescue that individual if they are in any danger.  Also, another part of our program is to educate our residents on what to do in case of an emergency and what to do in case there is a fire inside a house.  If you would like a firefighter to come to your residence and speak with you or the special needs individual in your household and educate them on what to do in case of an emergency please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dormont Volunteer Fire Department
Phone : (412) 563-8826

If no one is available to answer your call please leave a message and include the following:

Name or Business Name
Return Phone Number
Best Time to Return Phone Call
# of Special needs individul that reside at the address